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Elkhorn Attack Boys & Elite Girls Tournaments


The 3 Things That Make a Great Tournament:

1.) Great Competition

2.) Great Facilities

3.) Great Officiating

We work hard to always deliver on all 3 of these things that define a great tournament!  When we do that, our tournaments grow in size and reputation.  That is why we draw teams from throughout the local area and throughout the Midwest!

Why Choose Our Tournaments?


1.) The Large # of teams in our tournaments ensures multiple levels of competition at all grades and divisions.


Halloween Havok Tournament (203 Boys and Girls Teams in 2018)

battle of the borders boys & girls tournaments (201 total teams in 2018)

Elkhorn Elite Girls Rule Tournament (208 GIRLS ONLY Teams in 2018)

Winter hoops challenge (212 Boys & Girls teams in 2019) 

elkhorn Attack January Jam Tournament (422 BOYS ONLY teams in 2019)

Nothin' But Net Tournament (365 Boys & Girls Teams in 2019)

1st annual march mania tournament (boys & girls teams played in fremont, Ne)

cornhusker youth state championships (345 boys & girls teams in 2019)


2.) Facilities - all games are played on full courts and do not use split courts.


3.) We only use certified officials. We use an assigning service that assigns only the best officials.


4.) We use Tourney Machine for all scheduling!


5.) We work around all conflicts whenever possible.  We jump through hoops to work with any conflicts provided to us prior to the game schedule being published.


6.) We have great hotel rates setup for all out-of-town teams.


7.) Out-of-town teams never play on Friday nights or early Saturday morning unless they request to.  We also make sure that all out-of-town teams are done no later than 4pm on Sunday so they can arrive back home at a reasonable time.